Anime Recommendation for December Part 1: Berserk

berserkWe often get asked by our viewers for anime recommendations, whether it’s through our Facebook Fan Page or via the Chat. So.. we’ve decided that in the beginning of each new month, we’ll recommend an anime series for all of you to check out. The anime series will be picked by staff for now. Some thoughts & opinions about the anime will be provided. So .. without further ado.. this month’s anime recommendation is BERSERK

If you’re into lots of violence & adventure and a really good plot, then this is the anime for you. It’s tailored towards a more older audience (R+ rating). I was personally recommended this anime by a friend, and 3 – 5 episodes in, I was hooked! There’s a total of 25 episodes, and I watched the entire series in just 2 days because it was so freaking good! There’s not much comedy, as the anime has “serious” tone. It definitely has a dark theme to it, you won’t find your typical romance in it either. So if you’re someone whose only into Comedy & Romance, then this anime may not be for you. The video graphics aren’t the best either as this series was first released in 1997 – but the anime itself definitely makes up for it. I won’t get into the plot of series, as you can read that yourself by clicking on the link above. Give this anime a try if you haven’t seen it yet!

Update: We’ve decided that we’ll be posting TWO anime recommendations per month, one every 2 weeks!

Schedule for anime to upload & reupload

Hi everyone.
We’ve scrapped our old upload schedule, this new schedule is for new uploads for content we don’t already have, and also for listing series to re-upload.


  • Dubbed:
  • Majestic Prince Part 2

  • Subbed:
  • The Hentai Prince and the Stony Cat
  • Soul Eater: NOT
  • Movies (Dub & Sub):
  • Sword Art Online: Extra Edition To Receive English Dub

    Sword Art Online: Extra EditionAniplex will release Sword Art Online: Extra Edition on Blu-ray and DVD on December 23. The set will include the original Japanese audio track with English subtitles and an English dub. Bonus materials include the “Sword Art Offline” special animation with English subtitles and Sword Art Online II trailers. It will be bundled with a booklet and exclusive poster. The Blu-ray will retail for US$59.98 and the DVD will retail for US$39.98. It will be available for purchase in the U.S., Canada, Central and South Americas.

    The special streamed worldwide on January 1 following its Japanese premiere on December 31. Aniplex describes the story:

    Kirito and the others decide to go on an underwater quest within the world of ALO to grant Yui her wish to see a whale. As they all prepare for the quest, they face a shocking revelation… Leafa, or Suguha is afraid of water. So, Asuna and the other female members decide to teach Suguha how to swim at a pool in the real world. Meanwhile, Kirito was meeting somebody…
    Original light novelist Reki Kawahara took part in the writing of the two-hour special. Tomohiko Ito returned to direct at A-1 Pictures. The original light novel series’ illustrator abec gave the characters a full makeover, and character designer Shingo Adachi is adapted abec’s art for anime. The cast is also returned from the television anime.

    Upcoming Episodes

    Here’s a list of what we know is guaranteed to be coming out soon.

    If more than 1 date is listed, the release could fall on any of those days.

    Naruto Shippuden Dub: Saturdays
    Naruto Shippuden Sub: Thursdays
    Psycho Pass Season 2 Dub: Saturdays
    Laughing Under the Clouds: Saturdays
    Psycho Pass Season 2 Sub: Thursdays

    Ghost in the Shell: Arise – OVA Eps 1&2 – 29th-30th October
    A Certain Magical Index Season 2 Part 2: 3rd-4th December
    One Piece – Season Six, Voyage Three (Episodes 361-372): 10th-11th December
    Ben-To – Episodes 3-12: Late January/Early February 2015

    Sentai Filmworks:
    Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions


    Media Blasters:
    Holy Knight (OVA) (NO KNOWN DATE)
    Ladies Versus Butler (NO KNOWN DATE)

    This list will be updated as and when we have more available information.

    How to watch One Piece without filler

    How to Watch One Piece Without Filler

    Start at 1-53
    Skip 54-60
    Pick up at 61-97 (Episode 61 NOTE: You’ll see the end of the filler arc real quick, so just bear with it or skip till you see them in the storm about to cross the red line. Then while they are going up you’ll see main villian of this arc appear but then disappear.)
    Skip 98-99
    Pick Up at 100
    Bear with Episode 101 even though its Filler: (Episode 101 Note: If you skip 101, You’ll notice that Ace has disappeared…Please note that Ace never traveled with them through the desert. He left them before they entered. He gave Luffy His Vivre Card WHICH IS VERY IMPORTANT for later on) Or you can skip through ¾ of the episode till you see Ace leave.
    Skip 102
    Pick up at 103-130
    Skip 131-143
    Pick up at 144-195
    Skip 196-206 (G8 Filler Arc NOTE: The Straw Hats landed in the ocean not inside G8 navel base. G8 feels like actual cannon because the writers are very good at working things into the plot. You could watch this and it won’t be as eye burning as you might think. But as long as you understand what I said before then you can skip it.)
    Pick up at 207-219
    Skip 220-224
    Pick up at 225-278
    Skip 279-283
    Pick up at 284-316
    Skip 317-319
    Pick up at 320-325
    Skip 326-335
    Pick up 337-381
    Skip 382-384
    Pick up at 385-425
    Skip 426-429 (If you ever want to watch the Strong World movie, watch this beforehand)
    Pick up at 430-
    Pick up at 430-456
    Skip 457-458
    Pick up at 459 -491
    Skip 492
    Pick up at 493-496
    Skip at 497-499
    Pick up at 500-541
    Skip 542
    Pick up at 543-574
    Skip 575-578 (if you ever want to watch One Piece Film Z, watch this beforehand)
    Pick up 579-623
    Skip 624-628
    Pick up at 629-

    The rest of the series is a REAL piece of work. The writers throw in implied filler to drag out the episodes as well as slow pacing. If this bothers you, the manga is very fast paced and not dragged out. I dont know how anyone can watch this anime anymore. Manga is so much better.

    You’ll notice that One Piece rarely has much filler arcs compared to Bleach where everything is half and half. Most of the filler arcs in OP are tolerable but some are just bad. G8 is by far the best filler arc in OP.

    Credits to zansabarshadow at MyAnimeList for this guide.